R-18 Warning and DxD News

I’m about to work on Volume 7 of Masou and decided tolet you know that this is definatly a Rated R series bordering on Rated X (though it does have quite a lot of adult scenes). As for the DxD news, I was on the Wikia for DxD and was looking at the story arcs when I saw […]

Masou Update and Some Unrelated News

I got distracted for a short time and didn’t do any Masou PDFs since Monday. Yesterday I got back to it and only have 4 more volumes left (soon to be 3). I will get done Monday and post the volumes that night or on Tuesday. Now for the unrelated news. Friday Monster hunter Generations came out. […]

New Project

I was just on Kiss Anime looking for something to watch when I spotted Masou Gakuen HxH. I decided to watch it and while it was bordering on hentai it was good. I looked it up and B-T has the first 7 volumes done while 8 is almost done. I decided to start doing PDFs for the series and will probably […]

Summer Rush Final Release

Here is the last Summer Rush release. I had a hard time for the first 2 weeks and this last week was good because I wasn’t rushing and didn’t have internet problems. Anyway I have now completed all the PDFs I wanted to do (all 52 of them). Here is Baka Test (COMPLETE)


That’s right I’ve finished up all the PDFs I had left. In just 3 weeks I have made 52 PDFs in all. My next post will be the last Summer Rush post with the last 5 volumes of Baka Test.

Only 2 More Left

I have just finishedvolume 11 of Baka Test and now all thats left is Volume 12 which will be the end of the main story and Volume 12.5 which will be the last Volume overall.

Summer Rush Release 2

Here is the second release in my rush to catch up with everything I plan in doing. A reminder I already released Baka Test 1-13 so this is just Ichiban and Magika. Next week will be the final release with the final 5 volumes of Baka Test. Ichiban (COMPLETE) (Volumes 1-13) Magika Volumes 1-11 (caught […]