Process and Personal Rules

Here is the process I follow when making a PDF:

  1. I only make PDFs of series on the Main Projects Page of Baka-Tsuki
  2. I make a folder labeled “Insert series name here” (ex. Campione)
  3. In “Insert series name here” I make a folder labeled PDF
  4. In PDF I make a folder named Raw
  5. In Raw I make a folder for each volume that is currently translated or being translated
  6. In these folders I put the Pictures I will be using in the PDF (I don’t use all pictures since I believe some are unnecessary)
  7. I start making the PDF by putting the cover image and images that do not appear later in the story at the beginning of the file
  8. I then copy everything from the Full Text version (when available) and past it to the document
  9. I then select all the text and change it to Times New Roman
  10. I then go through and edit the document where I believe is necessary while putting full sized pictures in, removing hyperlinks, and inserting page breaks at the end of each chapter
  11. I then save the file to the same folder as the pictures as an odt document and export as a PDF to the folder labeled PDF
  12. I then read through and edit where i believe is necessary (mostly changing British English to American English to ease my OCD since I can’t help but think that certain words are misspelled or don’t make sense) and continue to update the PDF
  13. I then make copy of the folder labeled PDF labeled “series name” PDF and put it on Media Fire and will update when necessary

As for my personal rules:

  1. I contact the translator when possible.
  2. If I get the all good or don’t hear back in 10-15 days I start the releases.
  3. If I’m asked to stop distributing PDFs for a series by the translator, I stop and get rid of the file on Media Fire effectively breaking all the download links to a series.
  4. I only do series I like or am interested in.
  6. I create a separate PDF for each series labeled “Credits” that gives credit to the Author, Illustrator(s), everyone involved in the translation, and myself for the creation of the PDFs and any minor edits (see above)

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