Hello I’m Back

Hey I know I’ve been gone awhile but I’m back to do Magika Volume 12 and HxH Volume 9. I will try to get them done as soon as possible but I still have crap ass internet so it may take awhile.

DxD News

Volume 21 of DxD is now done and will probably be up on BT in a couple days. Once its up I will get to work on it. The next volume is the first for the final story arc. EDIT: 21’s story is done the afterword isn’t. The afterword will be done on the 19th at […]

Gakusen Link is Down

I have seen that many have clicked the Gakusen links from my older posts so I want to make this clear: I NO LONGER PROVIDE GAKUSEN PDFS SINCE THE SERIES GOT HIT WITH A DMCA. NONE OF THOSE LINKS WORK SINCE I REMOVED THE GAKUSEN ZIP FILE FROM MY MEDIA FIRE FOLDER. Sorry if I’m […]